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Communication & Teamwork

This section will assess your understanding of Communication and Teamwork topics in the course and the workplace, eg communicating information, planning tasks for a team.


Workplace Health & Safety

This section will assess your understanding of Workplace Health and Safety topics in the course and the workplace, eg mixing chemicals, Safety Data Sheets, chemical labels, documentation.


Environmental Control

This section will assess your understanding of Environmental Sustainability topics in the course and the workplace. eg recycling, resource efficiency.


Financial Transactions

This section will assess your understanding of Financial Transaction topics in the course and the workplace, eg processing payments, balancing a register and understanding GST.


Stock Control

This section will assess your understanding of Stock Control topics in the course and the workplace, eg receiving and rotating stock, retail products, USE BY dates.



This section will assess your understanding of Administration topics in the course and the workplace, eg office documentation, index systems and understanding time.


Food and Beverage

This section will assess your understanding of Food and Beverage topics in the course and the workplace, eg proof of age, taking orders, coffee service.


Travel Operations

This section will assess your understanding of Travel Operations topics in the course and the workplace, eg datelines and travel time, conducting tourist activities.


Tour and Ride Operations

This section will assess your understanding of Tour and Ride Operations topics in the course and the workplace, eg driving tours, map reading, operating rides.


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Recording Telephone Messages - Room Service

When working in the Tourism and Hospitality industry telephone messages may need to be taken for bookings, room service and from suppliers. Messages need to be concise and correct.

Listen to the telephone conversation and complete the Room Service Request Form.

Click the play button below to listen to the phone conversation. Video Platform Video Management Video Solutions Video Player


Successful workplace teams are based on a shared understanding, ground rules and commitment. As commitment develops team members become more involved and take ownership for the team's success. Effective teams function on the strength and skills of all team members.

Drag and drop the things that make a successful team.

Individual's work assists the work of others.
Individuals work together to achieve a goal.
Members operate interdependently.
Value and use the skills, knowledge and opinions of others.
Function on the strength and skills of all team members.
Individuals interact with each other but work on their own project.
Individuals work on their own projects.
Members operate independently.
Have shared underground and community rules.
Function on the strength and skills of the team leader.

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) is about making sure that workplaces are free from all forms of unlawful discrimination and harassment. This means having workplace rules, policies, practices and behaviours that are fair and do not disadvantage people because they belong to particular groups.

Match the words with their meanings.

Taking care of your own duties and answering for your actions.
An official record of a grievance against another worker or the employer.
When someone is made to feel intimidated, insulted or humiliated.
The unfair treatment of others, based on race, gender, marital status, age, disability, religion, or sexual preference.
Against the law.

Simple Directions - Location

The ability to give clear directions is an important task for anyone who works in the Hospitality industry. It is important to use a map and gestures, and keep instructions short and simple, so that directions are easy for people to remember.

Drag and drop to complete the sentences. Use the map to help you.

on the corner of
diagonally opposite
the Library is the Hospital.
The Department Store is
Diamond Avenue and Ruby Street.
There is a bus stop
the hospital.

Research - Books

Most books that are used to locate information have a contents page and an index. The contents page lists chapters and the page numbers of the chapters. The index is found at the back of the book and lists items in alphabetical order.

Match the information in Column 1 to the correct chapters and pages in Column 2. Use the Contents page of this recipe book to help you.

Column 1
Grilled Barramundi
Chilled Tomato Soup
Column 2
A)Chapter 4, page 96
B)Page 6
C)Chapter 1, page 8
D)Chapter 7, page 172
E)Chapter 3, page 58


A survey is a set of questions which collect information or customer feedback on products or services.

Choose the best answer.

1. Surveys are useful because they help a business know:
2. A food survey in a restaurant may help in improving:
3. A housekeeping survey may give feedback on the costs of:

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Maintaining a high standard of hygiene in food and beverage areas is important. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are part of a Workplace Health and Safety plan to keep your workplace cleanliness at a high industry standard. You know you must wash your hands when working in a kitchen. An SOP will tell you the procedure to follow.

Drag the hand washing steps into the correct order.

Wet your hands
Apply soap
Lather and scrub for 20 seconds
Rinse for 10 seconds
Turn off tap
Dry your hands


A ratio is a comparison between two things. Ratios are a common way of measuring out parts that are mixed together in different quantities.

Write the ratios for the following instructions.

1. Mix 4 parts bleach with 7 parts water. :
2. Dilute 1 part vinegar with 2 parts water. :
3. Mix 9 parts water with 6 parts chemical. :
4. Dilute 150mL bleach with 550mL water. How many mL are there in total? mL
5. Mix 15mL vinegar with 40mL water. How many mL are there in total? mL

Handling of Chemicals

Chemicals must be handled carefully to avoid injuries and damage. Labels on chemical bottles give directions for use and First Aid information. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) give information on possible hazards, First Aid, fire fighting, accidental release measures and PPE.

'Kleenshine' is a cleaner polish for vinyl floors.

Drag and drop to complete the sentences.

1. The 'Kleenshine' label gives information on dilution rates, First Aid and
2. It is important to avoid prolonged contact with
when using 'Kleenshine'.
3. If inhalation of 'Kleenshine' occurs,
4. 'Kleenshine' should be diluted in a ratio of
move into the fresh air
induce vomiting
dilution rates

Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) - Risk Assessment

Forms help workplaces collect information exactly the way they need it. They may look different in different workplaces, but basically they record similar information. WHS forms include: Employee Incident Reports, Risk Assessment Forms and Maintenance Request Forms.

Use this chart to assess the following scenarios.

Select the best answer.

  Scenario Level of Risk Severity of Risk
1 John works in a very busy kitchen. He often leaves the pot handles pointing over the edge of the stove. Belinda rushes past the stove, knocks over a pot of boiling water and scalds herself.
2 Chris has dropped a prepared meal on the floor in the rush to get food out to the customers in the lunch period. He pushes some of the food away with his foot and quickly returns to his job. Toby walks past, slips and injures his back.

Environmental Strategies

Plan with the four R's: reduce, re-use, recycle and recover.
Water the hotel gardens in the middle of the day.
Have a re-use system for towels in hotel rooms.
Businesses should use bamboo plates and cutlery instead of plastic.
Increase the use of disposable products.
Restaurants should compost food waste.
Remind Housekeeping to keep the lights on all the time.
Repair leaking taps promptly.
Stock should not be rotated.
Purchase washing machines with a low energy rating.

It is crucial that the Hospitality industry is proactive and thinks about issues such as sustainability, waste management, energy use and efficiency, resource use and efficiency, water management, recycling and re-use.

Which of the following are good environmental strategies?

Click on the correct answers.

Measuring Environmental Impact

The 'Crowne Plaza' in Melbourne is involved in a program that encourages large hospitality businesses to become more environmentally friendly. These column graphs show the results of the hotel's success over three years.

Choose the best answer.

1) Levels of energy and water usage, and waste production over the three years.
2) The first graph shows that in Year Three, energy usage was per guest per night.
3) The second graph shows that between Year One and Year Two water usage per guest per night.
4) The third graph shows a decrease in from Year One to Year Two.

Cash Purchases

Customers may pay for their purchases or services in cash. Mistakes can be made when giving change; this may cost the store money or upset customers.

Type the answers in the boxes. You cannot use a calculator for this question.

Joe purchases several items at the souvenir shop.
He purchases a boomerang for $45, 4 postcards at $1.30 each, and a local crafted puppet for $25.00.
What is the total cost of the purchase? $.
Joe wants to pay in cash and hands over a $100 note.
How much change will he receive? $.


GST stands for Goods and Services Tax. The GST was introduced in Australia in the year 2000 and set at the rate of 10%. In the Hospitality and Tourism industry GST is added to most goods and services, such as food, beverages, accommodation, tours and souvenirs.

Complete the following Tax Invoice.
You may use the attached calculator for this question.

Remember GST = 10%


  • the price of the laundry powder
  • the price of the stain spray
  • the subtotal
  • the GST
  • the total amount payable

Processing EFTPOS Transactions

EFTPOS stands for Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale. When a customer wishes to pay using EFTPOS, there are some basic steps that should be followed.

Drag and drop into the correct order.

Customer inserts or swipes card.
Customer presses Savings, Cheque or Credit.
Customer checks amount displayed.
Customer enters PIN or signs.
Customer receives printout.
Employee puts store copy in register.

Financial Terms

Within the Hospitality and Tourism industry, there are a range of terms associated with costing and basic financials.

Match the term with the definition.

Labour cost
Balance sheet
payments in wages for work done by employees.
a financial overview of the business that summarises what is owned and what is owed at a particular moment in time.
a tax that is charged on all goods and services within a business and then paid to the Taxation Department.
all the outgoing expenses linked to a business, such as rent, power, materials, equipment, repairs and maintenance.

Receiving Stock

When goods are received it is important to check the amount received against the amount ordered. If these do not match, there is a quantity discrepancy. If goods received have been spoiled or damaged, this is a quality discrepancy. Stock Order Forms and Delivery Dockets are used to check orders and record deliveries.

Type in the correct answers.

Stock Rotation and Stocktake

The freshness and quality of stock items depends on stock rotation. This is especially relevant to perishable items.

Complete the sentences by choosing the correct answers.

1. items will spoil if not stored correctly.
2. Stock rotation means that stock is available for sale first.
3. FIFO stands for .
4. A list of goods in stock is called an .
5. A is the counting of all stock.
6. Bottles of flavoured milk have the following USE BY dates. Which should be sold first? .

Stock Level Maintenance

Stock-on-hand can fluctuate considerably in the Tourism and Hospitality industry. In order to minimise costs, it is necessary to keep the bare essentials in stock. Maintaining par levels of stock ensures that there is enough stock on hand to meet the immediate needs of the establishment and to allow for unexpected circumstances.

The Bar Manager needs to place an order. He checks the Par Sheet and calculates how many units to order.

Fill in the units to order. You cannot use a calculator for this question.

Retail Terms

People who work in retail should know about the products they sell. They should know about: warranty, features, benefits, safety, storage and shelf life.

Match the words with their meanings.

safety requirements
storage requirements
shelf life
what the product is like, for example, weight, size, colour.
how to use the product safely.
the good things about a product.
another word for guarantee.
how to store the product so that it does not spoil or get damaged.
how long a product is suitable for use, often indicated by USE BY date.

12 and 24 Hour Time

Time can be shown on a 12 or 24 hour clock. The 24-hour clock is used in Hospitality and Tourism, and in many countries outside Australia. In the travel industry the 24-hour clock is used to avoid confusion in international travel.

12 Hour 12 midnight 1 a.m. 2 a.m. 3 a.m. 4 a.m. 5 a.m. 6 a.m. 7 a.m. 8 a.m. 9 a.m. 10 a.m. 11 a.m.
24 Hour 00:00 01:00 02:00 03:00 04:00 05:00 06:00 07:00 08:00 09:00 10:00 11:00
12 Hour 12 midday (or noon) 1 p.m. 2 p.m. 3 p.m. 4 p.m. 5 p.m. 6 p.m. 7 p.m. 8 p.m. 9 p.m. 10 p.m. 11 p.m.
24 Hour 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 23:00
Use the comparison chart above to match the 24 hour time to its correct 12 hour time.


Being able to calculate time is very important to ensure that you are paid correctly. Lunch breaks are usually included on timesheets but are not counted in the hours worked.

Complete the following timesheet. You cannot use a calculator for this question.

Office Documents - Emails

Workplace documents include: customer records, letters, memos or memoranda, and emails. In order to communicate effectively in the workplace it is essential that written documents are clear, concise and correct.

Jack Benson manages the front of house staff. He is concerned that staff members are taking too many short breaks during work hours. He wants to remind his staff that paid morning and afternoon tea breaks should be limited to 10 minutes each, and lunch is strictly 60 minutes.

He sends an email to all front of house staff and a copy to Jill Benson. How should Jack write the email?

Jack Benson
Front of house staff
Jill Benson
Breaks - morning and afternoon tea, lunch
A reminder to all staff - morning/afternoon tea breaks are 10 minutes only; lunch is 60 minutes.
Meetings after work
Kitchen staff
Breaks during work hours

Computer Office Programs - Templates

When working in the Tourism and Hospitality industry you will use a variety of computer office programs, such as word processors, spreadsheets and databases. You may also use templates which have been created for specific purposes in a business.

Drag and drop to complete the sentences.

Templates act like
Some templates can be customised
to create a travel brochure
to create invoices and order forms
a style guide.
to suit your business.
In the tourism industry you might use a word processing template
In the hospitality industry you might use a spreadsheet template

Reference Systems - Chronological Filing

Records in a business need to be accessible and may be filed in a computer or a steel cabinet. Any records management system must be able to provide the right information, at the right time, to the right person.

In hotels, guests are usually registered on the date of arrival and their records are filed chronologically.

Sort the following hotel guest arrival dates into chronological order.

The 7th January 2015
The 13th of October 2015


The docket is the principle means of communication between the waiter, the kitchen and the bar. Dockets need to be clear, concise and legible to ensure that the correct meals and beverages are prepared. Problems with reading the order can lead to miscommunication and mistakes. This may affect the guest's satisfaction with the meal and the establishment.

Read the docket carefully and choose the best answer.

1. Table No ordered a glass of red wine.
2. The order for 2 beers and a glass of wine was taken by
3. The order for Table No 3 was for customers.
4. The order for Table 3 was on Docket No
5. Table 12's order is on Docket No
6. served Table 12 2 beers and a bourbon and coke.

Standard Recipe Cards (SRCs)

Cocktail: Blackberry Heaven
Portion: 5
Notes (double)
200g blackberries
500mL lemonade
200mL vodka (chilled)
250mL chilled raspberry juice
1/2 cup crushed ice

Standard Recipe Cards, also known as SRCs, are used throughout the hospitality industry. SRCs provide a standard recipe for the establishment. An SRC consists of a list of ingredients, the method of preparation, the cost, the number of portions it makes and a picture.

The SRC for 'Blackberry Heaven' caters for 5 portions. Adjust the ingredients to cater for 10 portions.

You cannot use a calculator for this question.

400g blackberries
1L lemonade
400mL vodka (chilled)
500mL chilled raspberry juice
1 cup crushed ice
800mL lemonade
2 cups crushed ice
300g blackberries

Proof of Age

It is the 16th of September 2015
Patron Date of Birth Age Remain on Premises
Paul 17/3/1995 20
Christine 28/2/1998
It is the 3rd of March 2014
Patron Date of Birth Age Remain on Premises
Lynda 19/6/1995
David 16/1/1998

When working in licensed premises there is a legal requirement not to serve people under the age of 18. Patrons must be able to prove they are 18 or over by showing proof of age. This may be a Driver Licence, Learner Driver Licence, Proof of Age card or Passport.

Calculate the ages and indicate if the patrons can remain on the premises. Click on the correct answers.

Making Coffee

Coffee has become just as important as having good food and wine on a menu, and some businesses in the Hospitality industry are based around serving great coffee. Understanding ratios is very important when it comes to making good coffee.

Use the table to find the ingredients and work out the ratios.

Type of Coffee Ingredients Ratios
Flat White
Long Black

Measuring Liquids

Liquid measurements are used in both the bar and the kitchen. In accordance with industry standards, alcohol measurements need to be exact when pouring drinks and mixing cocktails. Liquids are measured in millilitres (mL) and litres (L).

How much liquid is in the jug? Drag and drop the correct amount and unit of measurement.


Venues and Events - Indoor

When planning an indoor event, you need to know the type of venue, the expected number of people, and how many people will fit. Many hotels have function rooms of different sizes that can be arranged according to the type of function and the number of people expected.

Type the correct answer in the box.

1. How many people could attend a banquet in Room B?
2. Which room would be best for a reception of 250 people? Room
3. If 300 people were in Room A what layout would be used?
4. How many people would fit in Room B as a classroom?
5. Which is the smallest room? Room

Time Zones

The Earth is divided into 24 Time Zones. Each Time Zone equals 1 hour. If you travel east, you change your clock forwards. If you travel west, you change your clock backwards. The east and west coasts of Australia are separated by 2 Time Zones.

Click on the correct answer.

1. If you travel east from Greenwich (when it is midday) across 6 Time Zones, the time will be
2. If you travel west from Greenwich (when it is midday) across 3 Time Zones, the time will be
3. You are working in a travel agency in Perth and you phone a client in Sydney at 11:00. What time is it in Sydney?

The Travel Agent

A travel agent documents client information, notes client requests, recommends products, makes clients aware of specific conditions, and receives payments. Travel agents may promote travel packages with specific airlines and hotels.

Drag and drop the correct three to fit each category.

cancellation fees
travel insurance
price lists
flight information
current tariffs
Terms and Conditions will have information on: Clients may take home: A travel agent may research:

Sales and Quotes

Open the Koala
Resort Offer PDF

A client may require information on transport, accommodation, travel insurance, attractions and events, or places to eat. It is the travel agent's responsibility to tailor a package to suit the client. Resorts often have their own tailor-made tour packages available through Travel Agencies.

Click on the correct answer, TRUE or FALSE.

The holiday special can be taken in June.
Accommodation is in a 2-bedroom deluxe villa.
Transport is by plane, boat and car.
Full day 4WD tour is included.
$100 deposit must be paid by June 7.
GST is not included in the cost of the package.

Intellectual Property - Copyright

Intellectual Property is anything that is created through work of the mind. Intellectual property can be divided into copyrights, trademarks and patents. Copyright protects original works such as books, music, computer programs, paintings, photographs, and movies.

Click on the correct word.

1. A copyright is a law that allows people to use a document
2. Copyright gives an author the right to
copies of their own work.
3. It is
to use someone's work without seeking their permission first.
4. Copyright
does not allow
authors, musicians, and artists to make money from their creations.
5. It is all right to change work from one form to another

Reservation Data

Reservation data is the information required from a guest at check-in. Reservation data includes customer details, emergency contacts, room number, check-in/check-out details, luggage, bookings, and special needs.

From the information below choose the correct answer.

1. Colin Bowen lives in
2. Colin will be in Room
3. Check-in was on
4. Colin Bowen has items of luggage.
5. Colin will need to have food.

Tourism Activities - Checklists

Tourism activities, such as day and half day coach tours, have a tour guide. The tour guide counts the number of passengers at the start and end of the tour, and records the Head Count on a checklist.

From the above information choose the correct answer. You cannot use a calculator for this question.

1. The tour guide organised
groups on easy tracks.
2. The expected time for the Gully Track was
3. The total number of tourists was
4. How many tourists did not return?
5. The tourists on the Lookout Track took

Reading Timetables

In the Tourism industry timetables give vital information about arrivals and departures of flights, trains and buses. The time may be written in a 12 hour or 24 hour format. This airline timetable is in 24 hour time.

Use this timetable to help you choose the best answer.

Flight BA 007 arrives in Brisbane at .
Flight AG 1 departs Adelaide at .
All flights arrive .
Flight FL 467 departs Sydney .
13:30 is the same time as .
9:35pm is the same time as .

Driving Tours - Vehicle Checks

Tour drivers are usually responsible for pre-departure vehicle checks. They should undertake a thorough inspection of their vehicle prior to the commencement of each tour. Any issues arising should be fixed, or an alternate vehicle used.

On 7th October Dave did a pre-departure check on the minibus.

1. He found that the were unsafe.
2. He reported .
3. Another vehicle was used because the minibus was .

Driving Tours - Load Capacity

Drivers and tour guides are responsible for packing equipment evenly in tow vehicles and trailers, and making sure that the vehicles are not overloaded. A vehicle should NEVER be loaded beyond the manufacturer's specification.

Match the sentence beginnings and endings.

The safe loading of vehicles is vital in preventing
If a vehicle is overloaded
The load capacity of a vehicle should never exceed
A vehicle manual will have all the information
Overload means
damage to property.
the engine may overheat, causing a mechanical failure.
the manufacturer's specifications.
related to that vehicle.
to overfill or to load too heavily.

Ride Safety

Rides, such as Ferris wheels or dodgem cars, are found in amusement parks and agricultural shows. Rides in ski resorts may be cable cars. The basic rules for operation and emergency procedures are similar.

Drag and drop the warnings you may see on a ride sign.

Keep arms and legs inside
Remain seated
Keep safety restraints fastened
Be careful getting on and off
Behave in a stupid manner
Eat your lunch
Stand up
Warning Signs

Loading of Rides - Accidents

There are four things to consider when loading rides: the number of riders, the heights of riders, oversized riders, and balancing the ride. Ride accidents may be prevented if ride operators follow safety procedures.

Drag and drop to complete the following sentences.

fatal fall
bucket seat
died instantly
safety bar
considerable size
A 31-year-old woman suffered a
from a ride at a fair. She fell from her
and landed on the metal steps leading to the ride's platform. It is believed that she
. The ride was
and found to be in good mechanical condition. Investigators concluded that the
had not locked in properly. The woman was considered to be of

Maps - Types and features

In the Tourism and Hospitality Industry many types of maps are used, including road maps, street maps and topographic maps. Maps use many features, such as legends, symbols, colours, a compass rose and scale bars.

Drag and drop to complete ALL sentences correctly.

Street maps may show
Road maps may show
Topographic maps may show
Bush walking maps may show
A map legend may show
Map scales are shown
schools and swimming pools.
major and minor highways.
lakes and rivers.
the locations of flora and fauna.
a symbol for an airport.
using a scale bar.

Navigational Tools - Maps, Compasses and GPS

Navigational tools help us find our way from one place to another. The most commonly used navigational tools are maps, compasses and Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

Complete all sentences by matching Column A to Column B.

Column A
GPS allows people to access
A topographic map is used for
Compasses show
Legends and grids help to
GPS receivers are found in
Compasses should be carried
Column B
A)hiking and orienteering.
B)locate places on a map.
C)four cardinal points.
D)by people going into untracked country.
E)cars, on computers and mobile phones.
F)off-road tracks and trails in detail.

Venues and Events - Indoor

When planning an indoor event, you need to know the type of venue, the expected number of people, and how many people will fit. Many hotels have function rooms of different sizes that can be arranged according to the type of function and the number of people expected.

Type the correct answer in the box.

1. How many people could attend a banquet in Room B?
2. Which room would be best for a reception of 250 people? Room
3. If 300 people were in Room A what layout would be used?
4. How many people would fit in Room B as a classroom?
5. Which is the smallest room? Room