Student Outcome
  • -Able to identify warning signs found in a kitchen, bar and hospitality industry.

Hospitality Signage

In this topic we are going to look at common signs and their meanings found throughout the hospitality industry.

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    Signs Found in the Hospitality Industry

    Explains the different safety signs that you might see in the hospitality industry.

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    Signs are everywhere, and you will find signs in just about every workplace throughout the hospitality industry. You may see others that are not shown here, and it's important that you know what they mean. If you aren't sure, ask your colleagues or supervisor!

    The following signs relate to food safety in the kitchen:
    Wash hands - you must wash your hands before, during and after preparing or handling food.
    Wear head covering - if you see this sign you are required to wear a head covering; either a chef's hat or hair net.
    Cover food - all prepared food must be covered and labelled.
    Gloves worn - disposable gloves must be worn during the handling and preparation of food.

    The next set of signs relate to safety; not only in the kitchen: they can be found in all areas of the hospitality industry.
    Hot surfaces - this sign is usually above or near surfaces that may be hot and can cause burns.
    Wet floor - the floor is wet either from general cleaning or a spill and you could slip over and cause injury to yourself.
    Fire extinguisher - these help you find an extinguisher quickly in case of a fire.
    Exit - these lead you to the emergency exit in case of an evacuation or emergency.
    Electrical warning - high voltage - this sign warns you to not to enter this area unless you are authorised, as you could be electrocuted.
    First aid - this is where you will find the first aid kit then required.

    These signs relate to chemicals and what can happen if used incorrectly or if they are spilled:
    Corrosive - will burn skin or eyes and some surfaces.
    Poison - if ingested will cause illness.
    Flammable gas - keep away from naked flames or sparks as it will explode.

    Other signs you will find are:
    No smoking - smoking is not allowed in this area
    Cellar warning re: gases - you will find these signs around a bar area where gas is used with beer or soft drink dispensers and are used in conjunction with an alarm to warn people if the gas level is high and will cause sickness.
    Pool signage - relates to safety around a pool area in an establishment that has a pool.
    Do not block door - this is to remind people that the door will be used in an emergency and has to be kept clear, do not store items in front no matter how long they will be there.

    These signs you will find where alcohol is served or gambling machines are found they can change slightly from state to state:
    Liquor act
    Standard drinks
    Over 18
    House policy
    Choices sign - gambling

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    There are 2 parts in this section.

    1. The Glossary

    The glossary lists the more difficult words related to the topic in alphabetical order. The glossary also gives the meaning for each word.

    2. Look, Cover, Write, Check!

    This activity gives you practice at remembering and writing the words from the glossary.

  • The Glossary

  • Do It

    Effective and correctly positioned signage is crucial in the Hospitality Industry.

    Not only does the signage alert workers and guests to potential dangers, it keeps people safe and lets them know what to do in an emergency.

    Signage is also important to ensure the Hospitality operations are operating legally and have an up to date Workplace Health and Safety plan in place.

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  • Do It: Hazards and Hygiene

  • Do It: Flip Card Memory Game

  • Do It: Safety Sign Puzzle

  • Do It: Chemical Signs

    Match the different chemical signs to their meanings and images.

  • Do It: WH&S Signs

    Match the Workplace Health and Safety signs to their meanings and images.

  • Do It: Emergency Procedure Signs

    Match the different Emergency Procedure signs to their meanings and images.

Check It

Check It Quiz

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Signs Relating to the Hospitality Industry
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Look, Cover, Write, Check!

Try to memorise the following word.
When you are ready, click the mouse in the textbox below and try to spell the word correctly.
  • warning signs
  • fire extinguisher
  • hazard
  • safety
  • first aid kit
  • signage
  • emergency exit
  • evacuation
  • corrosive chemical
  • hygiene
  • emergency
  • PPE
  • poison

Hazards and Hygiene

Click and drag the hazard images into their correct labels.

Flip Card Memory Game

Click on a card in the top row. Read it. Now look for a picture to match it from the bottom row.

Safety Sign Puzzle

Drag a puzzle label from the right to the matching safety sign on the left.

Chemical Signs

Match the images with their meanings.

WH&S Signs

Match the images with their meanings.

Emergency Procedure Signs

Match the images with their meanings.