Student Outcome
  • -Able to fill in basic documentation.

Fill in Basic Documentation

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    Basic Documentation (Forms)

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    • help workplaces collect information exactly the way they need it.
    • will look different from one workplace to the next.
    • may ask for more or less details.

    BUT in principle forms are always the same.

    Wastage sheets

    • used to document any wastage from food in the kitchen or drinks mispoured or dropped in the bar.
    • help in the financial management of an establishment.

    Function booking sheet

    • outlines the details required for a function.

    Repairs and maintenance request

    • sent to management or the maintenance department to get items repaired and keep a track of what has been completed.

    Fridge temperature sheets

    • helps the monitoring of fridges used to store food.

    Risk assessment

    • used to document and identify risks in the workplace.

    Luggage tags

    • used to label a guest's luggage with name, room number and travel company.
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    Abbreviations on Forms

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    We are often asked to complete information in forms or documents at work. Sometimes we don't have time to write out all the words. At times like these we can use 'abbreviations'. Abbreviations provide a short-cut to writing common messages. Take a moment to look at the following - what do you think the abbreviations would be for these statements?

    TBCTo be confirmed
    TBATo be advised
    N/ANot applicable
    ETDEstimated time of departure
    ETAEstimated time of arrival
    ASAPAs soon as possible

  • Say It

    There are 2 parts in this section.

    1. The Glossary

    The glossary lists the more difficult words related to the topic in alphabetical order. The glossary also gives the meaning for each word.

    2. Look, Cover, Write, Check!

    This activity gives you practice at remembering and writing the words from the glossary.

  • The Glossary

  • Do It

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  • Do It: Labelling Luggage

    Working as a porter in a hotel, you may receive large tour groups.

    It is important to label their luggage with basic information on a luggage tag.

    This ensures that luggage either goes to the correct room or on the correct tour bus with the guests.

  • Do It: Maintenance Forms

    Housekeeping was cleaning a room and discovered that the tap on the shower was broken.

    Guests were expected to arrive later that afternoon.

    The housekeeper was required to complete a maintenance form with details of the problem.

    Most maintenance forms require the same basic information: the date, the problem, the location and when the problem was first identified.

  • Do It: Booking Forms

    A customer calls to enquire about booking a function.

    Most hotels with a function facility have a booking form or system that needs to be completed in order for the function manager and head of catering to provide a range of quotes.

Check It

Check It Quiz

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Booking Enquiry Form

Fill in Basic Documentation
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Look, Cover, Write, Check!

Try to memorise the following word.
When you are ready, click the mouse in the textbox below and try to spell the word correctly.
  • damaged
  • function
  • deposit
  • special requirements
  • enquire
  • quote
  • facility
  • abbreviations
  • accurately
  • documentation
  • legible
  • NA
  • wastage

Labelling Luggage

Click and drag the information to complete the luggage label.
Mr Grey
Mr Campbell
Mrs Grey
Moon Travel Group
Sun Travel Group
Mr. Grey is checking into Room 209. He has arrived with two pieces of luggage and is travelling with Moon Travel Group.
Blue Ocean Resort
# Items
Tour Group

Maintenance Forms

Click and drag the information to complete the maintenance form.
11/11/2015 2pm
House Keeping
Room 209
Shower tap broken. Needs repairing
Maintenance Work Request
Date/Time of Request:
Requesting Party:
Work Location:
Work Description:
Work Priority:

Booking Forms

Listen to the phone conversation audio and select the most appropriate answer for the table below.
Click the play button below to listen to the phone conversation. You can pause and rewind the audio at any time.
Booking Form
Name of Person
Function Type
Date/Time of Function
Contact Details
Number of Guests
Number of Courses
Special Requests
Bar Requirements