Student Outcome
  • -Able to understand ratios and how they relate to making coffee.

Coffee Service

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    Coffee Service and Ratios

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    Coffee has become just as important as having good wine and food on a menu, and some business in the hospitality industry is based around serving great coffee.

    Let's look at how ratios of coffee to milk work with the five most common coffees.

    What is a ratio?

    A ratio is a comparison between two or more like quantities expressed in the same units. Ratios are a useful way of measuring out parts, or ingredients, that are mixed together in different quantities.

    Ratios are most commonly written using a colon (1:2), or using the word "to" (1 to 2).

    For example, a type of coffee may ask you to mix 1 part coffee to 2 parts milk.

    We can write this as 1:2 OR 1 to 2.

    Adding 1 part of this, and 2 parts of that to make a coffee means our final mix is the equivalent of 3 parts.

    Looking at:
    - a long black coffee, it is made of 1 part coffee and 2 parts hot water (1:2)
    - a flat white is 1 part coffee, 2 parts milk (1:2)
    - a cappuccino is 1 part coffee, 1 part milk, 1 part froth (1:1:1)
    - and a cafe latte is made of 1 part coffee, 2 parts milk and 1 part froth (1:2:1).

    The other type of coffee is known as an espresso.

    An espresso is equal to a short black coffee and is usually around 30 mls and it is the base for coffees.

    There are many more specialized coffee types which you will learn on the job. They will all be made to the same principles of ratios we just learned.

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    There are 2 parts in this section.

    1. The Glossary

    The glossary lists the more difficult words related to the topic in alphabetical order. The glossary also gives the meaning for each word.

    2. Look, Cover, Write, Check!

    This activity gives you practice at remembering and writing the words from the glossary.

  • The Glossary

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  • Do It: Understanding Ratios

    You have learnt that ratios can be written most commonly using the word "to" or with a colon (:).

    Look at the following example: What is the ratio of squares to triangles?

    Notice that in the example it asks for the ratio of squares to triangles. The word 'squares' came first. This order is very important, and must be respected. Whichever word comes first, its number must come first when writing the ratio. Therefore, the ratio is expressed as 3:2 or 3 to 2.

    If the question had asked to find the ratio of triangles to squares, the ratio would be expressed as 2:3 or 2 to 3. This is the rule.

  • Do It: Understanding Coffee Ratios

  • Do It: Coffee Making

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Check It Quiz

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Coffee Making
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Look, Cover, Write, Check!

Try to memorise the following word.
When you are ready, click the mouse in the textbox below and try to spell the word correctly.
  • ratio
  • ingredient
  • quantity
  • part
  • colon
  • expressed
  • cafe latte
  • cappucino
  • espresso
  • flat white
  • long black

Understanding Ratios

Click and drag the coffee ratio images to their matching ratio labels.

Understanding Coffee Ratios

Use the table to complete the sentence.
1. A cappuccino consists of part coffee to part milk to part froth.
2. A flat white consists of part coffee to parts milk.
3. A cafe latte consists of parts milk to part coffee to part froth.
4. A long black consists of part coffee to parts hot water.

Coffee Making

Using the table below, answer the following questions.
Milk is included in:
a long black
a cappuccino
neither of the above
Hot water is included in:
a cafe latte
a flat white
neither of the above
Froth is present in:
a cafe latte
a cappuccino
both of the above
The ratio of milk to coffee in a latte is:
The ratio of coffee to milk in a flat white is:
The ratio of coffee to hot water in a long black is: