Student Outcome
  • -Able to calculate the amounts of ingredients for drinks - for larger quantities or multiple orders.
  • -Able to write notes on recipe requirements and calculations, summaries and record information in basic documents.

Understanding Recipes (SRCs)

Standard Recipe Cards (SRCs) are used throughout the Hospitality industry. It is necessary for all kitchen and bar staff to understand how to read and use Standard Recipe Cards.

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    Standard Recipe Cards

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    Standard Recipe Cards (SRCs)

    Return customers in a restaurant or bar:

    • are important to a good business.
    • like to know they will get the same product each time they come in.

    Recipes give the chef or bartenders:

    • guidance in making either dishes or drinks.
    • information on how to produce dishes or drinks.

    These are important:

    • in large establishments with a lot of staff.
    • to maintain consistency each time.

    Different types of SRCs can be set out differently but contain the same information.

    SRCs show:

    • a list of ingredients that are required.
    • any special pieces of equipment that may be required.
    • the name of the recipe.
    • the number of portions it makes.
    • how to make it.
    • the cooking temperatures required.
    • a picture or drawing of the finished product.

    SRCs are commonly used throughout the Hospitality industry to help with financial management and to assist staff with ordering.

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    Calculating Ingredients & Making Notes

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    Making Notes on Standard Recipe Cards (SRC's)

    • You can make notes on a SRC
    • Notes can written for changes like more or less
    • ingredients, cooking times or cooking temperature

    Calculating Ingredients

    • SRC tell us how many portions
    • You will need to adjust the quantities in the SRC
    • It's important to read and check the measurements carefully
  • Say It

    There are 2 parts in this section.

    1. The Glossary

    The glossary lists the more difficult words related to the topic in alphabetical order. The glossary also gives the meaning for each word.

    2. Look, Cover, Write, Check!

    This activity gives you practice at remembering and writing the words from the glossary.

  • The Glossary

  • Do It

    Standard Recipe Cards, also known as SRCs, are used throughout the Hospitality industry, from fast food outlets, to fine dining restaurants, to bars, for cocktail recipes. SRCs are important because they provide a standard recipe and expectation for both the establishment and the customer.

    The SRC consists of several parts, such as: a list of ingredients with amounts, the method of preparation, details of and when the recipe was made, by whom, the cost, the amount of portions it makes and a picture of what the recipe looks like.

    SRCs can come in different layouts but they all have the same purpose and type of information.

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  • Do It: Understanding Quantities

  • Do It: Making Notes on SRCs

Check It

Check It Quiz

Click on Understanding Recipes Cards to begin.

Understanding Recipes
  • Introduction
  • Show Me
  • Say It
  • Do It
  • Check It

Look, Cover, Write, Check!

Try to memorise the following word.
When you are ready, click the mouse in the textbox below and try to spell the word correctly.
  • calculate
  • ingredient
  • method
  • portion
  • quantity
  • SRC
  • consistency
  • gateau
  • maintain
  • ravioli

Understanding an SRC

Click on the portions
Click on the cooking method
Click on the required amount of cream
Click on the required grams of flour
Click on the recipe item

Reading/Understanding Recipe Cards

Close SRC
Open Ravioli SRC Use the Ravioli SRC to help you complete the method. Drag and drop to the correct spaces.
Roll out the pasta to a thin rectangle and cut into even sized halves.
Use a serrated pastry wheel to mark one of the halves into even squares.
Place small amounts of the filling onto the cut half at 3cm intervals.
Apply and egg-wash between the fillings.
Carefully cover with the other half of the pasta.
Press the two pieces of pasta together between the filling starting from the centre.
Cut between each line of filling both ways using the serrated pastry wheel.
Spread out on a tray dusted with a fine flour and leave to dry out for 30mins.

Understanding Quantities

The following recipe card will cater for 16 people.
To cater for 8 people, would you need to:
Double the ingredients
Halve the ingredients
Triple the ingredients

Understanding Quantities

We need to adjust the recipe to cater for 8 people.
Drag and drop to complete the table.
  16 People 8 People Unit
Eggs (55grams) 9 5 each
Castor Sugar 310   grams
Plain Flour 250 125 grams
Cocoa Powder 60   grams
Salted Butter 20   grams
Cream 250   mL
Black Cherries 200   grams
Masala 100   mL
Chocolate 250 125 grams

Do It: Making Notes on SRCs

You need to double this recipe. Drag and drop the answers.
20 mint leaves
1 lime
4 tablespoons caster sugar
2 cups ice cubes
80ml white rum
200ml soda water
4mls water
2 lemons
Cocktail: Mojito
Portion: 2 Double =
10 mint leaves
1/2 lime
2 tablespoons caster sugar
1 cup ice cubes
40 ml white rum
100 ml soda water