Student Outcome
  • -Able to understand problem gambling signage
  • -Able to explain basic information about the probability (chance) of winning

Gaming Information

The resource contains materials relating to gambling.

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    Problem Gambling

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    Problem Gambling

    • lack of control over gambling behaviour
    • difficulty limiting time spent gambling
    • difficulty limiting money spent on gambling
    • problem gambling impacts on family, friends and employment

    What are the facts?

    • Problem gamblers spend large amounts of money on gambling
    • Problem gamblers often suffer health problems
    • The actions of problem gamblers impacts on the lives of others
    • Only about 15% of problem gamblers seek help
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    Gambling Signage

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    Certain signs, notices and information must be displayed in gaming machine areas in hotels and clubs, for example:

    • Contact cards
    • Counselling notices
    • Chances of winning notices
    • Warning & problem gambling notices
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    Words that describe how likely it is that something will happen

    • Probable
    • chance
    • possible
    • impossible
    • certain

    Points to remember about probability

    • Events can be impossible, certain or possible
    • Probability cannot be greater than 1 or less than 0
  • Say It

    There are 2 parts in this section.

    1. The Glossary

    The glossary lists the more difficult words related to the topic in alphabetical order. The glossary also gives the meaning for each word.

    2. Look, Cover, Write, Check!

    This activity gives you practice at remembering and writing the words from the glossary.

  • The Glossary

  • Do It: Bars, Clubs & Casinos

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  • Do It: Problem Gambling Signage

  • Do It: Winning & Probability

Check It

Check It Quiz

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Gambling Signage & Gambling Probability
  • Introduction
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  • Say It
  • Do It
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Look, Cover, Write, Check!

Try to memorise the following word.
When you are ready, click the mouse in the textbox below and try to spell the word correctly.
  • certain
  • gaming
  • harm
  • harm minimisation
  • impossible
  • odds
  • pokies
  • possible
  • probability
  • regulations
  • self-exclusion
  • venue
  • counselling
  • gaming machine
  • responsibility
  • strategies

Problem Gambling Signage

Contact Cards - at the end of each section of gaming machine.
Counselling Notice - at entrance of venue and entrance of gaming room.
Warning & Problem Gambling Notice - on every gaming machine.
ATM or cash back terminal - on top or front of each ATM or cash back terminal.
Match each sign to its display place.
Complete the crossword by using the Word List below. Click on a question to begin typing the answer.
Word List

Winning & Probability

Try to find the following words in the find-a-word below. Click and drag to highlight the words as you find them.

Click on the (?) to reveal a word if you can't find it.
Choose the best answer.
1. Horse Number 1 will win the race.
2. The winning horse will receive a prize.
3. If horse Number 6 is not in the race, it will win.
Choose the best answer.
1. If you play the 'pokies' you will win $1000.
2. If you watch a friend play the 'pokies' you will win $1000.
3. If you stay at home and watch television you won't win $1000.
What is the chance of 'heads' turning up?
1 in 5 chances
1 in 2 chances
1 in 20 chances
What is the chance of tossing a 5?
1 in 5 chances
5 in 6 chances
1 in 6 chances