Student Outcome
  • -Able to understand Front Desk check-in procedures
  • -Able to understand operations and communications in Housekeeping
  • -Able to understand Front Desk check-out procedures

Accommodation Services

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    Reception: Checking-In

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    A receptionist at the Front Desk of a hotel or resort is usually the first person a guest meets.

    A receptionist should:

    • should greet the guest with a smile.
    • should make the guest feel welcome.
    • should be available to assist guests.

    A receptionist needs to:

    • be organised.
    • be able to handle busy times.
    • be able to do multiple tasks at a time.
    • keep accurate and up-to-date records.

    At Check-In

    A Front Desk receptionist at a hotel or resort:

    • checks in guests.
    • allocates rooms.
    • attends to special needs of guests.
    • answers guests' questions.
    • hands out keys or keycards.
    • directs guests to their accommodation.

    A receptionist in a hotel or resort needs to be aware of:

    • all types of accommodation offered.
    • costs and inclusions in costs.
    • facilities available, eg restaurants, room service, massage.
    • activities available, eg tours, sports, walking tracks.

    Hotels and resorts may use electronic or manual filing systems.

    In hotels and resorts filing may be:

    • chronological - according to the date of arrival of guest.
    • numerical - according to Room Numbers.
    • alphabetical - according to guests' last names.
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    The Housekeeping Department is responsible for:

    • cleaning guest rooms and public areas
    • maintaining stock
    • guest services
    • the laundry


    • Executive Housekeeper - manages staff and communicates with Front Desk
    • House Keeping Supervisor - supervises housekeepers and inspects rooms
    • Housekeepers - clean rooms and public areas, maintain stock in rooms

    Communication between all staff in Housekeeping and Front Desk

    • status of rooms - occupied, VD (vacant dirty), VC (vacant clean), OOO (out-of-order)
    • new arrivals and stayover guests
    • special requests of guests

    Room cleaning procedures

    • rooms for expected arrivals FIRST
    • THEN stayover rooms
    • LASTLY vacant rooms

    Housekeeping Checklist

    1. Fill wheeled cart - linen, replaceable
    2. Strip the room - bed linen, bathroom
    3. Garbage bins - empty, replace liners
    4. Make the beds - fresh bed linen
    5. Bathroom - clean thoroughly
    6. Dust - everything
      Check - everything is in working order
      Restock - amenities
    7. Vacuum - floor
      Use air freshener
    8. Inform Housekeeping that room is VC (vacant clean)

    Communication Systems

    • Manual - personally reporting to the Executive Housekeeper.
    • Semi-automated - reporting via phone, pager or beeper to Executive Housekeeper.
    • Fully automated - coded electronic message to the Executive Housekeeper and then to Front Desk.
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    Reception: Checking-Out

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    On Check-out a Front Desk receptionist at a hotel or resort:

    • greets the guests.
    • receives and files guest surveys.
    • receives keys or key cards.
    • gets dockets from all services, eg restaurants, housekeeping.
    • adds extra charges to account.
    • finalises account.
    • prints final account.
    • receives payments.
    • may direct guests to departure area.
    • thanks the guest for staying.


    • may be asked to fill in a Guest Survey.
    • return keys or key cards.
    • should be asked to check dockets.
    • should be asked to check the final account.
    • make payments.

    After the guest has left the receptionist:

    • closes the file.
    • notifies Housekeeping that the room is VD (vacant dirty).
  • Say It

    There are 2 parts in this section.

    1. The Glossary

    The glossary lists the more difficult words related to the topic in alphabetical order. The glossary also gives the meaning for each word.

    2. Look, Cover, Write, Check!

    This activity gives you practice at remembering and writing the words from the glossary.

  • The Glossary

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  • Do It: Reception - Checking-In

    Reservation data is usually created in a spreadsheet or table, and requires an easy, quick method to record details. Each establishment will have its own system; it may be electronic or manual. Filing may be chronological, numerical or alphabetical, or a combination of these.

  • Do It: Housekeeping

    The Housekeeping Department in hotels uses many codes and abbreviations, especially in relation to room status.

    Room status refers to the occupancy of a guest room. A room may be occupied or vacant, out-of-order, clean or dirty. Codes are used to indicate room status.

    It is important that you are aware of some of these.

  • Do It: Checking-Out

Check It

Check It Quiz

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Accommodation Services
  • Introduction
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Look, Cover, Write, Check!

Try to memorise the following word.
When you are ready, click the mouse in the textbox below and try to spell the word correctly.
  • accommodation
  • alphabetical filing
  • available
  • chronological filing
  • deposit
  • docket
  • electronic
  • front desk
  • housekeepers
  • maintain
  • manual
  • numerical filing
  • receptionist
  • reservation data
  • room status
  • special needs
  • vacant
  • facilities
  • housekeeping attendants

Reception - Checking-In

Click on the two best answers.
A receptionist needs to:
be organised
join in guest activities
keep accurate records
Click on the two best answers.
When a guest checks-in, the Front Desk receptionist:
allocates rooms to guests
hands out keys or keycards
takes the guest to their accommodation
Click on the two best answers.
A receptionist in a resort needs to be aware of:
what programs are on television
accommodation available
costs of accommodation
Click on the two best answers.
Filing systems used by hotels and resorts may be:
Four guests have booked a package from 2nd July to 7th July.
Four guests have only paid a deposit.
Two guests have booked villas and eight have booked rooms.
Match the following meaning to the words.
chronological filing
numerical filing
alphabetical filing
a place to stay, such as a room in a hotel
something that a guest is able to use, for example, massage.
something that a guest is able to do, for example, fishing.
stores information in order of dates or times.
stores information in order of numbers.
stores information in order from A to Z.


Click on the three best answers.
The Housekeeping Department is responsible for:
cleaning rooms
the laundry
entertaining guests
maintaining stock
Click on the three best answers.
The House Keeping Supervisor:
supervises housekeepers
reports to the Executive Housekeeper
inspects rooms
cleans the swimming pool
Click on the three best answers.
The Front Desk and Executive Housekeeper communicate on:
room status
repairs to be done
services used by guests
special requests by guests
Click on the three best answers.
Communication systems in hotels may be:
semi-manual - sending emails
fully automated - coded electronic messages
manual - personal reporting
semi-automated - using phones or pagers
Drag and drop the meanings to match their codes.
vacant clean
vacant dirty
check out
out of order
very important person
do not disturb
The first thing a housekeeper does is to fill the cart.
The last thing a housekeeper does is to inform the Executive Housekeeper that the room is VC (vacant clean).

Drag and drop other things a housekeeper does.
empties bins
cleans bathrooms
vacuums floors
makes beds
rings the Front Desk
cleans swimming pool
checks out
does repairs
inspects rooms
A housekeepr:


Try to find the following words in the find-a-word below. Click and drag to highlight the words as you find them.

Click on the (?) to reveal a word if you can't find it.
Drag and drop to put in the correct order.
Receptionist gets dockets from Housekeeping & restaurants.
Guest checks details on dockets.
Receptionist adds extra charges to account.
Final account is printed.
Payment is made by the guest.
What am I?
I am found in hotel rooms.
I ask questions about the hotel.
Guests answer the questions.
I am a
What am I?
I am found in resorts.
It may be a problem if you lose me.
You need me to open doors.
I am a
credit card
debit card
key card
birthday card