Follow steps 1 to 6 to build your literacy and numeracy skills to be ready to start your course

Start Step 1

How to use Nodes

  • 1 Choose your course

    Select your course from Certificates I and II in Tourism and Hospitality.

  • 2 Watch video

    Meet a professional from your chosen industry.

  • 3 Check your knowledge

    Complete the 'Check your knowledge' quiz to receive your learning plan (My Learning Roadmap) which is tailored to your requirements and your course.

  • 4 My learning topics

    Topics in which you are strong are coloured blue and the ones that need further study are in red

    Work through the topics as stated on the individualised My Learning Roadmap. Each topic is broken into five areas:

    1. an introduction
    2. the "Show Me" videos to explain the material
    3. a "Say It" Glossary
    4. a "Do It" Exercise area
    5. the final "Check It" quiz to test your understanding.

    Go through the topics at your own pace, and as often as you need to.

  • 5 Course ready quiz

    If you visited all topics on the "My Learning Roadmap" and passed all the "Check it" quizzes; move to the final "Course Ready Quiz" to receive your Statement of Course Readiness.

  • 6 You're course ready

    Course Ready


    You have a satisfactory understanding of the literacy and numeracy necessary to complete a Certificate I or II in a Tourism/Hospitality Course.

    Present your 'Course Readiness' certificate to your trainer, as evidence of completion.